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“Woh Subah Kabhie To Aayegi..” by Sahir Ludhianvi

March 8, 2015

In memory of the renowned poet Sahir Ludhianvi, on his 94th birth anniversary…I’ve taken the liberty to  translate a few lines from one of his great inspirational poem into English.

I aspire for   the (glorious) morning,
I aspire for the (glorious) morning
When the veil will be lifted from  murky nights
of  the centuries of (enslaving) dark periods
When  scary clouds (of miseries) will disappear
and  oceans of truth (and justice) will  appear
When (our) skies will  gyrate with joyous dances
and the  earth  will vibrate with ecstatic melodies
I aspire for  the (glorious) morning,
I aspire for  the (glorious) morning


Woh Subah kabhi to aayegi , Woh Subah kabhi to aayegi
In Kaali sadiyon ke sar se, jab raat ka aanchal dhalkega
Jab Dukh ke baadal  pighalenge, jab sach ka saagar chhalkega
Jab Ambar Jhoom ke naachega, jab dharti nagme gaayegi
Woh Subah kabhi to aayegi, Woh Subah kabhi to aayegi
—Sahir Ludhianvi


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